5th-9th Grade

Overnight Camp

3 Weeks

At Camp Manito-wish YMCA, camp life is all about making friends, adventuring on Trail, trying new activities and having fun. More importantly, it’s about challenging yourself, being responsible and respectful, and doing your fair share of packing, sweeping and cleaning. These shared experiences build character, instill an appreciation for yourself and others, and an understanding that fun and responsibility go hand in hand. This Manito-wish experience will transfer into all facets of life from youth through adulthood.


Boys Camp: June 22nd - July 12th | Girls Camp: July 20th - August 9th


Summer Camp

DOES That number give you sticker shock? We believe EVERYONE DESERVES A manito-wish EXPERIENCE!

Do you love what we're about, but thinking there's no way you can afford to send your camper to Manito-wish? We know the cost of living is high, but we truly believe in the transformative power of a Manito-wish Experience, so we have Camperships! Like scholarships provide assistance for college, Camperships provide financial assistance for a camper to attend Manito-wish. Funded through our Endowment and Annual Fund Drive by generous donors who believe in the experience as much as we do, our goal is to ensure that as many young people as possible benefit from Camp!

Additional Summer Camp Wilderness Trips

Backpacking and sea kayaking trip options are available as campers progress through the Summer Camp program.

campers going out on Trail
Sea Kayking Lake Superior
Hug a horse
Archery Program Area

In-Camp Activities

Camp life at Manito-wish is what summer dreams are made of! Whether on land or water, there’s an incredible variety of experiences to choose from, every one of them exciting and enriching.

Trail Experience

During every Summer Camp session, each camper will experience “Trail”, where small groups of campers and counselors venture out into the Northwoods wilderness for three to nine days.

Trail isn't always easy
Cooking on trail
swim challenge
boy rolling ball in game

Daily Schedule

A camper’s day is structured to encourage them to explore their individual interests, get to know their cabin mates, and participate in larger group activities.

Lodging & Meals

Campers stay overnight in cabins with other campers of similar age, along with two counselors. For meals, campers gather in our historic Nash Lodge for hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

bunk beds inside of camper cabin
nash lodge
Welcome back to Camp! Campers coming in from their canoe camping trip.

Financial Information

Camp Manito-wish YMCA enjoys a strong history and commitment to providing an outstanding Manito-wish experience to all who want to participate. Our fee structure, payment plan options and Campership program are in place to make this happen, by striving to make our programs affordable for everyone.

Camper Parent Guide/FAQ

So you’re considering Camp Manito-wish YMCA. Great idea! Your camper will visit exciting places, make new friends, be inspired, challenged and energized, and learn and grow in the process. Of course, as the parent of a first-time camper, there’s a very good chance you have some questions. So we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions, along with our answers and insights.

The Manito-wish Experience

For over a century, we’ve developed deep traditions and a thoughtful philosophy designed to enrich camp life, facilitate character development, and create connection.

Beautiful boathouse view