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2024 Meet the Staff

This form will be used to collect content from our 2024 staff to be shared with the Manito-wish Community as part of the Meet the Staff Campaign.

As you'd like it to appear on social media.
Please include your camp history, experience, and what excites you about the upcoming 2024 season!
Please include a photo of yourself to accompany your introduction. The photo should be Camp appropriate and you should be easily identifiable.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 256 MB.


Seasonal staff are eager for campers to arrive

Working at Camp is better with friends!

When you refer a friend and they accept their offer for 2024, you'll be entered to win a prize of your choice such as a Wilderness Water Safety Certification (valued at $215), a $100 credit towards your 2024 fees, or a $300 credit for a Manito-wish Stay & Play Weekend.

It's simple: Fill out the form, and list who you are referring! We'll be doing random drawings and more than one drawing may happen, so keep those referrals coming!

Staff FAQs

Going on Trail isn’t just a tradition at Manito-wish, it’s one of the features that make us truly unique; it’s an integral part of every summer camper’s Manito-wish experience. Small groups of two counselors/tripping co-leaders and four or five campers will pack out their gear, and venture out into the Northwoods wilderness.

Along the way, participants will camp in tents, cook, travel, and put their leadership skills to the test. They will be amazed, inspired and challenged. And subsequently, they’ll return with newfound confidence in their leadership and abilities. In short, it’s a transformative experience that puts them on a positive path, ready to achieve any goal they choose to set for themselves. One thing is for certain: They’ll set that bar high.

2024 Travel Information

Staff should travel into Wisconsin no later than 7 p.m. CST on the agreed upon arrival date indicated in your employment agreement. See below for the best options:

  • Fly into Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA)
  • Fly in to Rhinelander Airport (RHI) (closest airport to Camp)
  • Fly into Milwaukee International Airport (MKE) then take a bus to Wausau Transit Center (WSJ) OR take another flight closer
  • Fly into Chicago, IL via Midway International Airport (MDW) or O’Hare International Airport (ORD). From there travel to Wausau, WI for pick up by taking an Amtrak train, or a bus, from Chicago Union Station to Wausau Transit Center (WSJ), You must arrive in Wausau, WI no later than 8 p.m. Find more information here.



In mid-March, you will receive an e-mail prompting you to set up an account in Camp Doc (health information and doctor’s physical exam).You can get ahead of the game by getting your physical done early! Staff must have a physical within 12 months of their start date and the Physical Exam forms will need to be filled out by the physician completing the examination.

(International Staff physical examination that are submitted through your international sponsor agency will be accepted if they contain the same information as our Camp form.)



About 6-8 weeks prior to your start date for domestic staff, you will receive a text and e-mail from BiB- Background Investigations Bureau (background check).

Complete the prompts from BiB as soon as you receive the message as it will expire within 7 days of receiving the request.

*All employment is contingent upon an approved background check*

(International Staff background checks are submitted through your international sponsor agency and Camp will review them there)


We are excited to share a Camp Manito-wish employee benefit that you are eligible to take part in!  Our Camp has partnered with many companies and businesses to offer employees of Manito-wish an exclusive discount or pro-deal. These pro-deals are a privilege for us and not a right. As a result, please take note of the following rules for pro-deals to ensure they remain available for all users this year and in the future:

  • Employees may only use offers to purchase items for themselves. You may not purchase items for others including friends or family
  • Items may not be purchased and resold at higher value than what the employee paid for the item.
  • Some companies below will be shipping only to Camp Manito-wish and we will not be forwarding any packages (except hiking boots) before the summer begins.
  • Misuse of pro-deals may result in termination of you Camp Manito-wish YMCA employment.

If these partners have reasonable suspicion of misuse, individual pro-deal privileges will be revoked. If vendors notice that individuals from our organization are misusing pro-deal offers, they may suspend the offer for all Camp Manito-wish staff currently and in the future. Please ensure that you are following the rules above as well as those listed by each of the vendors, so that we can continue to utilize these great deals on gear!



3-Week Summer Camp (Campers entering 5th-9th grade) 

Boys Camp: June 22nd - July 12th 

Girls Camp: July 20th - August 9th 


Boys ELE Session Dates: June 29th-July 12th 

Girls ELE Session Dates: July 27th- August 9th 


Introductory | 14 Day Trip | 10th Grade 

Voyageur Canoeing, Backpacking or Sea Kayaking 

Session One: 

June 22nd – July 12th

Session Two: 

July 20th – August 9th 

Advanced | 25-30 Day Trip | 11th - 12th Grade 

Canuck Canoeing: June 15th – July 25th 

Western Backpacking: June 22nd – July 25th

Mariner Sea Kayaking: June 22nd - July 25th

Expeditionary | 45 Day Trip | 12th Grade & Up  

Canuck Canoeing: June 15th - August 9th 

Alaskan Backpacking: June 15th - August 9th 

Pacific Sea Kayaking: June 15th - August 9th 


4-day Family Camp: July 15-18 

6-day Family Camp: August 12-17 



  • Leadership Spring Training: April 15-19 
  • Outpost Admin: May 20-June 3 
  • Outpost Specialty Training for Expos and Advanced: May 25-June 3 
  • Outpost Trip Prep for Alaskan and Western: May 31-June 3 
  • Summer Camp Admin Training and Prep for P-staff, Trips, Waterfront, Barn Directors: May 24-June 1 
  • Summer Camp Admin Training: June 2-11
  • Outpost Staff Training: June 4-14 
  • Summer Camp- Boys Camp Staff Training: June 12-21
  • Leadership Summer Training: June 12-24th
  • Summer Camp- Girls Camp Staff Training: July 10-19 
  • Leadership Prairie Training: August 17-19 
  • Leadership Fall Training: August 26-30


  • May 2-6: 5-day Wilderness First Responder I 
  • May 7-9: 3-day Wilderness First Responder Recert  
  • May 14-18: 5-day Wilderness First Responder II 
  • May 16-18: 3-day Wilderness First Responder Recert II 
  • May 19-20: Behavioral First Responder I  
  • May 21-22: Wilderness First Aid I 
  • May 23-24: Wilderness Water Safety I 
  • May 31-June 1: Behavioral First Responder II 
  • June 8-9: Wilderness First Aid/ Wilderness Water Safety II 
  • June 10-11: Wilderness First Aid / Wilderness Water Safety III 
  • July 6-7: Wilderness First Aid IV 
  • July 8-9: Wilderness Water Safety IV 

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