Parent Quotes

Camp has caused her to feel confidence while being outside your comfort zone and I love seeing her excel outside of Camp.

There was a serenity in her after all those days in the outdoors.

He came home from Camp completely energized and PROUD of himself.

Thank you immensely to the entire staff for working so hard to create such an amazing experience.

Staff Quotes

This experience was an opportunity for both me, and my campers, to grown and learn.

It was great for me to witness the growth of my campers as the session progressed, especially on Trail.

This experience was a period of immense growth for both my campers and myself; we have taught each other important life lessons.

My wish for my campers is that they never forget the memories made during their time at Camp Manito-wish.

I hope my campers take the skills learned at Camp, and apply them to life at home.

Camper Quotes

When I got off the bus, I liked the tunnel of arms and everyone cheering.

My counselors were so sweet and accepted me for being me.

The staff were so fun and I felt safe to learn and be myself.

I felt welcomed because I felt like everyone had my back.

My counselor is the sweetest person ever. She is so kind and empathetic. She works so hard and deserves everything good coming her way.

Our Trail Counselor was so thoughtful, respectful, and so entertaining. He was such a rewarding person to be around and taught me so many things on Trail.