3-9 Days



Going on Trail isn’t just a tradition at Manito-wish, it’s one of the features that make us truly unique; it’s an integral part of every summer camper’s Manito-wish experience. Small groups of two counselors/tripping co-leaders and four or five campers will pack out their gear, and venture out into the Northwoods wilderness. Their destination: Any number of rustic, undeveloped campsites along their route. The duration: Two to seven nights, depending on their age and experience level. Their goal: Adopt new outdoor skills, explore the natural world and learn something about themselves.

Challenges That Build Confidence

Along the way, participants will camp in tents, cook, travel, and put their leadership skills to the test. They will be amazed, inspired and challenged. And subsequently, they’ll return with newfound confidence in their leadership and abilities. In short, it’s a transformative experience that puts them on a positive path, ready to achieve any goal they choose to set for themselves. One thing is for certain: They’ll set that bar high.

Wilderness Tripping Essential Eligibility Criteria

The challenge of a Manito-wish trail experience is where many of the most impactful lessons of Camp are learned. To ensure your camper is physically and emotionally set up for success at Camp, please review our Wilderness Tripping Essential Eligibility Criteria.