We are proud of our wide variety of participants and staff members from many different backgrounds.Our community includes people of many different ethnicities/races, faiths, genders, gender identities, sexual orientation, socio-economic back grounds, and life experiences.  We believe we are stronger when we are inclusive and when everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Our seasonal staff members must be, at minimum 18 years old, a high school graduate, and have the following qualities:

  • Have a strong interest in working with youth, and a desire to positively influence their development.
  • The ability to engage participants in character and collaborative leadership development.
  • Enjoy and have experience in an outdoor wilderness type setting.
  • Maintain a positive self-identity and be resourceful.
  • Can relate effectively to diverse groups of people.
  • Possess knowledge of group skills and a willingness to work closely with peers and campers.
  • Also have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Adaptable, open to new experiences, enjoy hard work and long, but fulfilling hours and seek personal development.
  • Exhibit the eight core attributes we encourage in our participants: humility, empathy, awareness of self and others, resourcefulness, resilience, optimism, adaptability and responsibility.


Due to the physical demands and skill required to lead specific positions, a Trip Log may be required in addition to your application materials. Please download and fill out the template below if a Trip Log is required for your desired position.

The Value of Working at Camp Manito-wish YMCA

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