Please submit cabin requests on the Camper Information section in CampDoc only.

Should you want to make a camper request to be in the same cabin as a friend, here are guidelines:

  • Each camper can only make ONE other camper request - if you put down more than one name we will simply honor the first name on the line.
  • The request must come from BOTH families.
  • Both campers must be the same age and/or grade.
  • Both campers must be at tending the same session.
  • Both requests need to be completed in the campers CampDoc profile.
  • Camper requests must be made no later than June 1st (boys) or July 1st (girls).
  • We cannot guarantee all requests, though we do try our best.
  • If we are unable to accommodate your request, Camp will call prior to your session.

Should you make a request to NOT be in the same cabin as another camper:

  • The “No” request must note the full name of the camper.
  • If the “No” request refers to a school or town - please be as specific as possible.

Outpost Trip Mate Requests:

Small group wilderness travel is essential to the quality of your experience. While we do our best to honor requests for Outpost participants wanting to be in the same trip group, no request is guaranteed.