Employment at Camp Manito-wish YMCA has many rewards. The chance to work with a great group of kids, guiding them, teaching them new skills and new ways to look at the world and themselves. Leading wilderness trips ranging from the spectacular lakes of northern Wisconsin to the Alaskan wilderness . Making life-long friendships in a single summer season. And gaining collaborative leadership skills that make a healthy, positive impact on kids (and an equally positive impact on your resumé.) Yes, the pay is good. But what you get out of the experience is even better.

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Camp Manito-wish YMCA was originally founded as a summer camp — but that was just the beginning. Through the years, we’ve constantly sought new ways to enhance our programs, attract new participants and promote our mission and vision. As a result, the Manito-wish experience is now available via three major program areas and a variety of special events and group opportunities. Review the summaries below to learn more about our programs; then use the links in the navigation bar to find available positions in each area.

Summer Camp provides a combination of traditional camp activities (archery, horsemanship, swimming, etc.) and wilderness tripping to youth entering 5th to 10th grade. There are separate boys and girls sessions. Boys can choose one of two two-week sessions that extend from mid-June thru mid-July; girls are offered two two-week sessions that extend from mid-July thru mid-August. Both boys and girls have the option of signing up for a four-week session that spans their respective time periods.

Outpost is a wilderness tripping program for teens entering 9th to 12th grade. These are progressive trips; as a camper’s age and experience level increases, trips grow from 9 to 45 days and destinations move further afield (our array of offerings spans most of northern North America).

Leadership is both a program and a program philosophy. It operates year-round and hosts middle-school/high school classes, colleges and universities, and youth-serving agencies. Leadership also provides program options in cooperation with Summer Camp and Outpost programs.

Food Service/Kitchen staff fuel all the fun, action and growth at Manito-wish. Under the direction of our executive chef, Manito-wish has built a reputation for exceptional cuisine.

Gatherings cover a variety of activities that can range from family reunions to women’s retreats to school and community groups. Usually hosted in fall, winter and spring, though some may be scheduled during the summer months.

Miscellaneous employment represents a variety of positions that can range from nurse and driver to chaplain and management team. Check back often for new and diverse opportunities.

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Camp Manito-wish YMCA has a long tradition of providing exceptional experiences and outstanding leadership and character development. We are always seeking team members who will embrace our philosophy , promote our mission and reflect our values . In this way, we can ensure Manito-wish has a lasting, positive impact on everyone who experiences it — our campers, our program participants, our friends and neighbors, and you.

Ideal Manito-wish employees:

  • Engage participants in character and collaborative leadership development .
  • Have a healthy personal philosophy.
  • Maintain a positive self-identity and be resourceful.
  • Possess knowledge of group skills and a willingness to work closely with peers and campers.
  • Show a proven ability to work with youth, and a desire to positively influence their development.
  • Are adaptable, open to new experiences, enjoy hard work and long, but fulfilling hours and seek personal development.
  • H.E.A.R. the R.O.A.R. , the eight core attributes we encourage in our participants.

If we’ve just described you, we’d enjoy learning more about your interests and abilities. Click here to learn how to apply to become a Manito-wish staff member.

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Camp Manito-wish YMCA offers many advantages to our program participants — and just as many to our employees! 65% of our seasonal employees return each year, with the average tenure at Camp an impressive four years. And many staff alumni credit the leadership training and experience they gained here for success in their careers, family, and community. You’ll gain personal confidence and skills that can transfer into any job and any field, while providing an incredibly enriching experience to the participants in your care.

Benefits package. The benefits of seasonal employment include room and board, weekly salary, staff training, laundry, extended year-round opportunities, and an outstanding group of experienced and supportive peers.

Certification and training opportunities. From Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Water Safety, Trail Leader courses and Program Certifications to our acclaimed Outdoor Leaders School, our training courses offer many benefits for you, now and in the future.

Four major employment areas. Summer Camp provides in-camp activities and wilderness trips for youth in 5th to 10th grade. Outpost is an extended wilderness tripping program for teens. Leadership creates customized collaborative leadership programs for schools and youth groups. Food Service provides the fuel to keep all our programs going and growing strong.

A variety of positions are available, with jobs ranging from cabin counselors and trip leaders to program staff and logistical assistants, it’s a good bet there’s an opportunity ideal for your interests, talents and goals.

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“Working for Camp was extremely rewarding. The quality of the programs made it an easy choice to return again even in the face of jobs that were closer to home and paid better.”

“Being on staff has taught me many invaluable lessons about leadership, patience, and confidence. My hope is that on each trip I lead I gave these back to my own participants.”