This is a collection of Manito-wish items that defy easy classification. They are all exceedingly unique and incredibly awesome in their own distinctive way. They make great gifts, come in handy at home or office, even help pass the time on a road trip. Take a look; chances are you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. Now don’t rush the register, there’s plenty for everyone.

Snuggle Blanket

A soft and snuggly sweatshirt blanket. Not that similar product you see on all the infomercials; this one is much better. Why? Because it has our name on it, that’s why.

Price: $24

Water bottle

The human body is composed of 60% water, and you’re bound to lose most of it on that super-long portage. Replenish those electrolytes with clear, cold water from our rugged Nalgene® Water Bottles. BPA-free.

Price: $12.50

Camp Manito-wish YMCA Cinch Sack

This bag will make a great gift for your Camper! Perfect to package up a gift from the Trading Post then reuse to stow gear for a trip to the gym, dance class, soccer, and more! Not so perfect for stowing the raccoon he encountered on Trail. So, use accordingly.

Price: $6

Course Set for Manito-wish Book

The entire amazing history of camp is documented in Course Set for Manito-wish: The History of Camp-Manitowish YMCA, a beautifully written book by Jon Helminiak. This soft-cover second edition documents Camp’s history through wonderful stories and photographs. A must-read for anyone who knows and loves Manito-wish, and would like to learn even more.

Price: $30.00

Manito-wish Songbook

Break Out the Oars, Bum and a Fish, The Life of a Voyageur, and all of your Manito-wish favorites, compiled in this thoughtful songbook. Sing them on-key, off-key, or like the campers do, screaming at the top of your lungs — it’s your call.

Price: $15

Break Out the Oars/ Songs of Camp Manito-wish YMCA

A great way to pass along traditions and keep memories fresh! Songs include Bum and a Fish, Dreams, Break Out the Oars, On the Shores of Old Lake Boulder, The River Maligne, Life of a Voyageur, many many more, recorded at our 85th Anniversary celebration by Manito-wish alumni! (No alumni were harmed in the making of this CD.)

Price: $10

Influence! The Wisdom of Elmer F. Ott

Elmer Ott directed Camp Manito-wish for 37 amazing and influential years. This collection of his wisdom, observations and beliefs — written in his own words — provides a thoughtful portrait of the man and an insightful guide for camp directors, counselors, campers and parents.

Price: $10


We are so glad that we found out about Camp Manito-wish. It was definitely a life changing time for my daughter. She is definitely more confident and has high hopes for herself this year in school.
L. U.