Leaders don’t follow a single path and the same is true for leadership development.

At Manito-wish, it’s not just a wall to be climbed or a ropes course to navigate. It’s a thoughtful, deliberate process that begins with careful consideration of your goals and your group. We review participants’ ages, experience and comfort levels, and craft a fully customized plan to achieve the greatest positive outcomes.

Each unique plan is created by our Leadership Program experts, drawn from four major resources areas:

The Manito-wish Leadership Center

The central hub for our Leadership Program, providing a warm and welcoming environment, multiple levels and flexible space for a variety of leadership exercises, from an indoor climbing wall and library to activity areas and classrooms.

leadership center
leadership center from inside by fireplace

Experiential Programming

Many of our leadership development initiatives are hands-on in nature, drawn from an expansive library of leadership related exercises, activities and challenges.

Lange Challenge Course

This outdoor facility accommodates a range of leadership development exercises administered via a variety of structures and settings, including high and low challenge and ropes courses, climbing walls, and a zip line.

Lange challenge course
Lang Challenge Course
Fun along the waterways

Wilderness Travel

Our unique Northwoods setting allows us to incorporate a range of field activities, canoe trips and backpacking, and even snowshoeing excursions into your group’s curriculum.

Manito-wish Leadership Program Introduction

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