A core strength of our program is our professional staff.

These are a diverse group of people, each with unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives. What they all have in common is a consistent degree of leadership instruction training, and dedication to the purpose and spirit of the Manito-wish Leadership Program. They are passionate about achieving your goals, which goes a long way towards having a positive and lasting impact on the people we serve.

Our staff structure is comprised of the following:

Manito-wish Leadership Center Director

The MLC Director collaborates with school administrators to develop impactful program outcomes and ensures delivery of impactful, mission-driven and innovative experiential programming to all participants.

Challenge Course Director

Responsible for overall day-to-day delivery of Manito-wish’s Leadership Program, they also work with the Program Director to maintain and operate the Lang Challenge Course and Indoor Rock Climbing Wall, including frequent supervision.

Leadership Facilitators

These hands-on facilitators will administer the actual curriculum, serving as teachers, guides, cheerleaders and referees. They will work closely with your group to gain an understanding of personalities and dynamics and steer the exercises in a way that makes the most of your leadership development experience.

Leadership Program Director

Our Program Director takes a lead role in assessing your goals and objectives, planning your specific curriculum, and coordinating the facilitators, schedules and exercises that will play a role. They will oversee all aspects of your experience to ensure a positive and productive outcome.

Leadership Trail Director

This position is responsible for overall day-to-day delivery of Manito-wish’s Leadership Program during the summer and early fall. With the Trips Director, they plan and implement all logistics for Leadership Program wilderness trips.