Director, 2000-2019

Anne Derber, was our sixth Executive Director and the first woman to hold the highest position of Camp Manito-wish YMCA leadership.

Derber brought an incredibly rich Manito-wish legacy to her position. A former camper, she served as a counselor, Canadian leader and girl’s camp program director. Later, she worked as assistant director under Bob Telleen and camp director under John Stanley. But Derber’s leadership style — and her many accomplishments — are distinctively her own.

On her watch, the integrity of the Summer Camp and Outpost program areas were reinforced, to maintain their popularity and status as a family priority. Aware of ever-present fiscal needs, she successfully launched major funding campaigns for Nash Lodge, endowment and facilities. And she successfully maintained cherished Manito-wish traditions while adopting new practices as the needs of safety and society have dictated.

Under Derber, emergency cell phones were added to wilderness trips, Nash Lodge has been expanded, the girls and boys program director positions are now consolidated for consistency and quality. But beyond these specific examples, Derber enthusiastically promoted property and facility maintenance, fiduciary management and strong program areas, with a renewed commitment to collaborative leadership, wilderness tripping and character and leadership development.

“I am following a wonderful tradition of excellence, history and high expectations. I am proud to lead an organization that is highly respected and has influenced so many people through the years.”


She loved challenging herself and proving to herself she could do things she did not think she could do.
J. C.