Self care tips from seasonal staff

Our MESH initiative is in conjunction with the Association for Camp Nursing and curriculum via the American Camps Association. We aim to craft community, culture, creativity, and a summer of fun. The tools and structure to support mental health outcomes are created through the lens of an emotionally safe environment for people at every level in every program. We encourage a team-based and growth mindset. Our Mental Health outcomes are centered on the balance of a healthy mind and body. We exercise this by teaching through our activities the importance of perseverance, leadership, vulnerability, and compassion.

As a part of our Health Services we have a designated seasonal staff member who supports MESH needs for Campers and Staff in conjunction with licensed nurses. The MESH Director role is to support the mental, emotional, and social health of all participants and staff. They can relate effectively to diverse groups of people, assist the Operations Director and Program Directors in responding to urgent and/or elevated behavioral or emotional situations, build trusting relationships with participants and staff, and assist in staff training. We utilize our health forms to inquire about mental health issues prior to attending camp to help identify specific support systems.