Summer Camp Excitement

Ally SheehanAlly Sheehan, Summer Program Director

In a few short months we will welcome our summer staff, and only weeks after that we will welcome our Summer Camp participants. Our seasonal staff is very excited to become part of this historical summer, and have helped us brainstorm some fun plans to put into place to celebrate our history. We are looking forward to bringing back some theme days from the past, such as Backwards Day, Clash Clothes Day, and Crazy Hair Day. New section games are in the works – we’re bringing back Outdoor Skills to help campers and staff hone in on their trail skills. Our Staff Recruiters, Carter Lindley and Ryan Stephens, with help from Vicki Bachmann, have been hard at work recruiting staff for this summer. They have traveled all over the Midwest attending job fairs and colleges to spread the word about working at Camp. Staff training plans are well underway and, as the snow melts, we are getting more and more excited about our100th summer and the celebration in September.