Dear Camp Manito-wish Alumni and Friends,

Since 1919, Camp Manito-wish YMCA has been providing outstanding camp and wilderness tripping experiences for youth.

We have always prided ourselves on our ability to stay in touch with our alumni and friends, but we know there is always more to be done. We are pleased to be offering this new alumni network option to help you stay in touch. Enjoy connecting with your camp friends and counselors through this site.

Camp Manito Wish Alumni Directory

Please take a moment and look for your name, and the names of friends, on the alumni list. If you don’t find your name, or the friend you are looking for, let us know. You can use the alumni profile link to update your information and/or to share information about other alums with whom you are in contact. We’ll do our best to keep this list up to date, but we will need your ongoing help!


One of the greatest features of this web based alumni list is your ability to e-mail your camp friends. If we have an e-mail address for them, their name is highlighted on the list. We hope that you will take this opportunity to get back in touch with the folks you met while at Camp.

We also invite you to visit us in Boulder Junction whenever you are in the area. We welcome the opportunity to share your camp memories and to show you Camp Manito-wish as it is today. You’ll quickly discover that the core of Camp Manito-wish remains the same, whether it has been 50 or 5 years since you were last here!

Break Out the Oars … We look forward to staying in touch with you in the days and years to come.


Patrick Soldan
Chief Executive Officer

Beth Rondello
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement


What a great treat to see 12 advanced trips come in and learn about the trail experiences of each of them. They start at camp, go off on a well planned and executed long wilderness experience, and return to camp on the same day, 12 different groups. No one else does this!
K. H.